The College Hill District is a vibrant neighborhood business district in Rock Island, Illinois. Situated at the intersections of 14th Avenue with 30th and 38th Streets, the College Hill District contains approximately 60 businesses.

Although originally intended to serve the Augustana College area, the district has expanded to become one of the largest retail areas in Rock Island. Its diverse offerings include collectibles and antiques shops, restaurants, and businesses to serve most any needs.


Good Night Ride Metro routeCollege Hill District

The College Hill District seeks to create a vibrant, sustainable business and neighborhood community. Located at the intersections of 14th Avenue with 30th and 38th Streets near Augustana College in Rock Island, the College Hill District enhances the quality of life for both residents and visitors by transforming the area into a vibrant neighborhood.

College Hill is excited to be a part of the new Metrolink route from Augustana to downtown Moline! The 53 route has been safely driving Augustana students and neighbors to downtown Rock Island Thursday through Saturday Nights. Now the NEW 59 route will do a loop to downtown Moline. STOP 3 on each of these routes is at the College Hill West central corner so you can inexpensively and safely shop, have dinner, and drinks with a ride to your favorite bar spots all weekend!